Did Your Employer Approve You Continuing To Work Remotely? 3 Benefits Of Taking Your Child To Daycare When You're At Home

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Your employer's decision to allow for you to continue working remotely lets you take advantage of the benefits that come from spending more time at home. While you might have enjoyed spending a little extra time with your family, there has also likely been a few challenges since you made the transition to remote work. Now that you know the arrangement is no longer temporary, you may need to make a few changes to improve your productivity. Taking your child to daycare offers benefits for both you and your child that are worth considering as you make plans for a long-term working from home arrangement.

Give Them an Early Start On Their Education

In the past, you might have relied upon a grandparent or babysitter to watch your child while you worked. This arrangement has its benefits, but it is possible that your child is ready for more stimulation. In an early learning environment, your child has access to toys, books, and lessons that they might not be able to enjoy at home. With age-appropriate learning activities, your child can begin to build their early literacy and math skills.

Create a More Professional Work Atmosphere

During the early days of the pandemic, people were very understanding about disruptions as their colleagues and employees struggled to figure out how to navigate their way through virtual meetings. Now, most people expect others to have figured it out at this point. Your child's interruptions may not be appropriate for an important meeting. Sending them to child care eliminates this problem, and you'll know your child is happier being able to engage in their normal behaviors.

Help Them Develop Their Social Skills

So many young children missed out on valuable opportunities to learn how to socialize with others due to social distancing. Now that things are more open, you may still not have time to go to the park or toddler storytime at the library since you need to be working. Toddler and preschool classrooms are where many children first learn how to make friends, deal with minor conflicts, and interact with adults outside of their family. Your child will quickly get their social skills back to normal when they have opportunities to practice them every day.

Have a Plan In Place for Sudden Work Changes

As many people have learned, things can change in an instant. Right now, your employer may be fine with their new plan, but it could change down the road. You could also be called away to an in-person meeting or work gathering. Setting up child care arrangements now helps you to avoid having to scramble for a solution if you do suddenly need to go to the office.


2 August 2021

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