How Teens Can Effectively Prepare For Their First Road Test

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One of the most special times in a teen's life is getting their driver's license. To do so, they must pass a road test. It doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds. You just need to prepare for it in the following ways. 

Practice in Real Life

Learning about driving in books is extremely important in terms of obeying all traffic laws. However, to really get a sense of the driving mechanics that you'll need to master for your official road test, you need real-life practice.

That's why you have a learner's permit, after all. You need to use it as often as you can with an adult in the vehicle. Have your parent or guardian drive you to an empty parking lot where you can get a feel for the various maneuvers you'll be performing in real life. The more practice you get in, the easier this road test will ultimately be. 

Brush Up On Basic Traffic Laws

During your road test, it's instrumental that you know traffic laws. This way, you won't do anything illegal during the road test and can pass it with flying colors. For this test, focus on the more basic traffic laws.

Start by going over what you're supposed to do when approaching various signs, such as yield, one-way, and stop signs. You also need to know the speed limits in the area you'll be driving around. There are plenty of online resources you can use today when looking to pass a road test. They give you the chance to review every major traffic law you learned in your driver's education classes. 

Get Parallel Parking Down

A lot of teen drivers often state that parallel parking is the hardest tactic they had to execute on their road test. As such, you'll want to spend plenty of time getting this parking technique down perfectly. Start by watching videos on parallel parking. 

Pay attention to where the driver holds their hands when they turn. Also, make a note of how they angle the vehicle when backing up. When you're ready to practice this parking technique in person, head to an empty parking lot. Mark an area off with cones that you need to get in between. Keep practicing until you don't hit the cones at all. 

Passing the road test is an important part of getting your driver's license as a teenager. As long as you go into it prepared and relaxed, you should do well. 


12 July 2019

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