3 Types Of Play Your Child Should Engage In

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Raising a child can be challenging. While many parents think that playtime is a straightforward activity, it's important to recognize that the way your child plays can have a dramatic effect on his or her development.

If you want to promote your child's development, then here are three types of play you should encourage your child to engage in.

1. Object Play

Toys and other objects can be beneficial when they are incorporated into your child's playtime. The use of objects during play activities is referred to as object play.

A child that engages in regular object play will have the opportunity to hone his or her fine motor skills, allowing for greater control over the body in the future. Some great examples of object play can include building a tower out of blocks, painting a picture, or tossing a ball with a friend or family member.

2. Symbolic Play

Children have great imaginations. These imaginations can be put to good use during playtime by encouraging more symbolic play from your child. Symbolic play occurs when a child utilizes an everyday object and gives it new meaning.

Some examples can include using a piece of string as a wedding ring, designating certain areas of the floor as crocodile ponds, or giving life to stuffed animals. Symbolic play allows your child to gain a sense of control over his or her surroundings and can contribute to a greater understanding of the world.

3. Socio-Dramatic Play

Playtime can be used to help your child learn how to relate to others and to the world around them. When play activities simulate real-life activities, this is known as socio-dramatic play. Giving your child opportunities to play house, play doctor, or organize a pretend tea party can be great ways to incorporate more socio-dramatic play into his or her life.

By regularly participating in socio-dramatic play, your child will be able to practice important social skills that will be used later in life. Encourage your child to explore different scenarios that require communication and organizational skills by promoting socio-dramatic play in the future.

When you are able to gain a greater understanding of the ways in which playtime can impact a child's future, you are able to appreciate the importance of encouraging diverse play experiences. Be sure that your child has the opportunity to regularly engage in object play, symbolic play, and socio-dramatic play to encourage proper development in the future. To learn more about early childhood development, contact a pediatrician or a local preschool.


9 March 2017

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