3 Tips To Sending Your Kids Off With Snacks For Everyone At Their Child Care Center

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The child care center is where your kid might potentially meet their best friend. Even if it's not, it's a good place for your kid to learn how to socialize and interact with others. You can help create a more sociable and welcoming environment within the child care center by taking up a much more active role. If you don't have time to volunteer for school activities or to take part in field trips, you can just as easily integrate with the community within the child care center by doing things like sending your kid off with snacks for everyone. Before you do so, take a look at the following 3 tips.

Ask About Whether Anyone Has Food Allergies

Although bringing a snack for everyone is a good idea, you must first determine whether any children in the center have food allergies. At the very least, the allergic child might exhibit mild symptoms like itchiness, but in worst case scenarios, the allergy could be fatal. Unfortunately, food allergies affect approximately 1 in every 13 children under the age of 18 in the U.S. Talk to the caregivers when you pick up your child at the end of the day to determine whether any children have food allergies and whether there are any policies that you need to be aware of.

Avoid Snacks High in Sugar

Be picky when choosing a snack for your child to bring in. While you want everyone to enjoy the snack, it's also important that you don't choose something that's extremely sugary, like chocolate, cupcakes and cookies. These snacks will only fuel the children into hyperactive mode, making it much more difficult for the caregivers at the center to tend to each child. At the same time, you might want to avoid snacks that are too healthy and don't taste that great. This is a great opportunity to show the children that they can eat healthy snacks that taste delicious. Fruits, crackers, and even sausages shaped like octopuses can make for great treats.

Choose Snacks that Are Easy to Eat and Won't Make a Mess

Keep in mind that children are messy. You definitely don't want to choose a snack that will only create more mess. For example, cookies leave crumbs and even peanut butter on celery sticks can be smeared everywhere. It's best to choose snacks that are easy to eat and relatively mess-free. For example, bananas that are cut into small sizes can be easy to eat and pick up.


Packing a snack that your kid can share with everyone in the center can be your way of building community and taking a more active role in your child's learning. You can also take this opportunity to teach your children etiquette on eating, how to choose healthy snacks, and more. For more info, contact a school like Learning Tree Schools.


8 March 2017

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