Tired Of Being A Store Manager? 2 Masters In Healthcare Programs That Are Perfect For Business Majors

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If you earned your bachelors degree in business years ago and now manage a retail store, then you may love your job or you may wish you had chosen another major entirely. If you wish you would have pursued a bachelors degree in the field of healthcare, then you may be surprised to learn that you wouldn't have to earn a second bachelors degree in the alternative field to make a career change. Instead, you can complete a masters healthcare program, and in just a couple of short years not only land a great new job, but also feel great about continuing your education to the masters level. 

While there are numerous masters healthcare programs, read on two learn about two that are ideal for those with bachelor's degrees in business. 

Masters in Healthcare Administration: Become a Healthcare Administrator

The healthcare industry is always in need of healthcare administrators who are ready to tackle the task of overseeing and managing hospitals, nursing facilities, and even entire hospital networks. The median income of a healthcare administrator in 2010 was just over $84,000. However, just like in other career fields, healthcare administrators who have earned their masters degrees can earn a much higher salary than those with just bachelors degrees. This career will allow you to use your business skills to help improve the lives and working conditions of doctors, nurses, other healthcare staff, and of course, patients. 

Rewarding courses you can look forward to in your Masters in Healthcare Administration program include health economics, healthcare management, budgeting, and marketing. Be sure to choose a Masters program endorsed by the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, or CAHME, due to the strict quality standards they set for programs they endorse. After earning your masters degree, your state may require that you sit for an exam that earns you a license to become a healthcare administrator in your state. This makes it very important to choose a quality healthcare administration program that teaches you everything you may need to know to pass this exam. 

Masters in Public Health: Begin a Career Protecting Your Fellow Citizens

Another good masters degree option when making a change from the business industry to the healthcare industry is a Masters in Public Health degree. This degree opens the door to a variety of occupations, and it can lead you to becoming a health and safety engineer, clinical infectious disease specialist, health commissioner, or a professional in dozens of other career choices

While each career varies in average income and on-the-job tasks, this degree opens the door to so many different careers that you will find one that is perfect for you. 

While earning your degree, you can look forward to interesting courses such as epidemiology, medical biometry, research methods, society and health, and more. Many Masters in Public Health programs allow you to tailor your curriculum to the career you would like to pursue after you earn your degree, so it is a good idea to consider which career path you would find most rewarding before choosing a masters program. 

If you have a bachelors degree in business but wish you would have entered the healthcare field long ago, then the good news is that you don't have to "backtrack" and earn another bachelors degree to enter the healthcare field. Instead, you can pursue one of the many masters healthcare programs that, once completed, can lead you to a rewarding career in health and the great feeling of having a masters degree. 


7 March 2017

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