2 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Child Love Reading

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It is very important to know when your child is ready to learn to read and when you need to wait. Many parents get excited about their child being an early reader and push too hard too early. There is a lot of research that supports both early reading, and waiting until the child is ready. By mixing the two concepts together you can watch your preschooler to see if they are ready to read, and if not still foster a love for reading. Here are some things you can do.

1. Make Reading Fun Time

Reading should never be a chore. You shouldn't use reading as something they need to mark off a check list before they can do other "fun" things. For instance, some parents require that the child do some reading before they can watch TV, play with friends and other things. Although this is an effective way to get the child to actually read, it is not a good way to encourage a love for reading. Instead, choose a time of the day when you are free from distractions when it can be some time for just the two of you when you read together. You can snuggle, talk, and laugh so that it is a fun and enjoyable time. For instance, many parents choose to read before bed since there are no distractions, and the child is ready to spend some quality time with the parent. This will make it something to look forward to rather than dread.

2. Let The Child Choose The Books and Materials

You may have a list of books that you want to read with the child, and that is great! Reading new books will help to expose the child to different subjects and words. However, be careful that you don't take over reading time. Perhaps you could choose a book, and then let the child choose a book. In addition, you might notice that a young child will choose the same book over and over again. Although this may become frustrating for you, it is actually a good thing for the budding reader. Repetition can help them to identify words, encourage imagination and better reading comprehension. Thus, don't become worried if you are reading the same couple books every night. Eventually they will move on, and once they do, they will have set a good foundation for reading.

The most important thing is to encourage reading. Whether your child learns to read when they are 4 or 7 is not nearly as important as their reading comprehension and love for reading. For more information, contact local preschool programs.


7 March 2017

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