Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks: 3 Post-Retirement Education Programs To Help You Get The Most Of Your Golden Years

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Retirement can be a scary prospect for many, since it can often be one of the first times you've been truly free to do whatever you want since college. In order to answer the eternal retirement question of, "Now what?" many people turn to a surprisingly roundabout answer: going back to school. Attending a local college in order to learn a new skill or one that's always been more of a hobby is a great way to get a lot out of your retirement, and maybe even bring in some money doing what you love with your new degree. Here are three common options that newly retired people pick when exploring options for their golden years. 

Aviation School

Flight school is a common option for those who retire early, but becoming a pilot is a prospect that retirees of any age can enjoy. The best thing about aviation colleges is that the bulk of the learning occurs in the air, so there isn't a hyper-structured classroom setting for long once you learn the basics. If you really get bitten by the flying bug, then getting a commercial license of some sort can open the door for a multitude of business opportunities like plane tours of your local area, for example. 

Culinary School

Culinary school is an experience that thousands of people put off for when they have endless amounts of time, so it's perfect as a retirement activity. Getting a culinary degree will not only give you lots of "A-ha!" moments about how cooking works on a micro scale, but it can also give you the chance to perfect your hobby to the point of making it marketable. Farmer's markets and similar gatherings are often filled with local chefs looking to share their newest creations with their town, and a shiny new culinary degree will equip you well for tossing your hat into the proverbial ring, not to mention making for some amazing home dinners. 


One of the most time-honored traditions for grandparents and retirees has to be woodworking, since the trade is very easy to pick up and applicable to hundreds of different situations. Many woodworking schools focus on furniture making, which is an extremely useful skill to learn if you want to have a functional testament to your craft, or just a great way to whip up a Christmas present in a flash. Woodturning is another useful skill that can be learned at a trade school, since this is how many wooden bowls, baseball bats, and chess sets are made. 


2 March 2016

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